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Pivot Clamp In TV Pole Mount Suit 24″-60″ Model: GKD-364

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This  Pivot TV Pole Mount is perfect for retail environments, tradeshows, stages, hotels and more! It fits 24″- 60″” displays weighing up to 25kg/55lbs. No walls, desks or surfaces required – a 28-50mm diameter pole is all that’s needed! The keyhole pattern ensures fast and easy installation.


  • Sturdy Steel Construction: provides a firm sturdy performance
  • 360° Rotation Around the Pole: provides optimal viewing
  • Free-Tilting Design: makes easy forward or backward adjustment for better viewing and reduced glare
  • Pole Clamp: attaches to circular tube firmly
  • Swivel Ability: for multiple screen viewing angles
  • Keyhole Pattern: allows for easy installation


Product Category: TV Pole Mount
Rank: Standard
Material: Aluminum,Steel
Metal Sheet Thickness: VESA Panel THK=1.8mm cold-rolled sheet (VESA Panel THK=0.071″ cold-rolled sheet)
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Colour: Matte Black
Weight Capacity: 25kg (55lbs )
Strength Tested: 3 Times Approved
Profile: 76mm (3″)
Tilt Range: +10°~-15°
Swivel Range: +60°~-60°
Screen Level: +3°~-3°
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