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Super Slim Low Profile Full Motion TV Mount Fit 32″-65″ Model: GKD-P274

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Designed with an aesthetic appearance that combines eye-catching looks with versatile functions for an excellent choice in mounting solutions. With a soft black finish and decorative covers, this product offers a unique elegance that perfectly blends into any décor. Full motion that swivels and positions easily for maximum viewing. Mounts don’t have to be cheap or mundane – stand out from competition by offering your customers a fantastic mounting experience.

  • Free-tilting & Swiveling Design: for multiple TV viewing angles
  • Extending Arm: provides a wide range of viewing angles
  • Decorative Covers: for a more elegant look
  • Built-In Level Adjustment: ensures perfect positioning
  • Folding Design: saves space (keeping the screen and arm out of the way when not in use)
  • Cable Management: keeps everything organized
Product Category: Full-motion TV Wall Mount
Rank: Standard
Material: Steel,Plastic
Metal Sheet Thickness: VESA Panel THK=1.2mm cold-rolled sheet,Wall Plate THK=2mm cold-rolled sheet,Bracket Arm THK=1.2mm cold-rolled sheet (VESA Panel THK=0.047″ cold-rolled sheet,Wall Plate THK=0.079″ cold-rolled sheet,Bracket Arm THK=0.047″ cold-rolled sheet)
Pipe Size: 30x20x1.2mm Square Steel Tube (1.2″x0.79″x0.047″ Square Steel Tube)
Strength Tested: 3 Times Approved
Profile: 55~475mm (2.2″~18.7″)
Tilt Range: +3°~-12°
Swivel Range: +60°~-60°
Screen Level: +3°~-3°
Screen Freely Tilting: No
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