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Speakers are a must-have for any home theatre system because they reproduce audio and video with lifelike fidelity. They may elevate your enjoyment to a whole new level by providing a more comprehensive listening experience. Accessories like floor speaker stands are one way to improve your listening experience. These stands will maintain your speakers at the ideal height for excellent sound quality and a more immersive listening experience.

Gecko Products carries a broad variety of speaker supports, including both floor models and those designed specifically for bookshelf or tabletop speakers. Our floor speaker supports are built to last, so your speakers will be safely supported and won’t wobble even during lengthy listening sessions. Shop our floor speaker stands and speaker accessories today if you want to upgrade your home theatre system.

Best Floor Speaker and Stand for Bookshelf Speakers

Speaker stands, both floor models and those made specifically for bookshelves, are built to raise speakers off the floor or other surface, so enhancing their sound quality. You may vary the height of the pole on these supports so that the speaker is always at the perfect level for your audience.

They are often composed of metal, wood, or plastic and finished to match the style of the speaker. The sound quality of speakers can be greatly improved by using floor stands, as they provide the speakers with a stable base and reduce vibrations. Speakers sound better when placed on stands, which also helps spread the sound across the room.

1) Sonos One, One SL and Play 1 Speaker Stand

The Sonos One, One SL and Play 1 Speaker Stand 85cm Height Super Sturdy. This is a floor speaker stand made of powder-coated metal with a round heavy-duty base. It is specifically designed to fit Sonos One, One SL and Play 1 speakers and has a height of 85 cm with a bottom plate diameter of 25 cm and a top plate of 12.5 x 12.5 cm. Dimensions 75 x 28 x 5 cm and weighs 1 kg.

2) Sonos Speaker Stand One SL Play 1

The Sonos Speaker Stand One SL Play 1 is a sturdy freestanding stand with a height of 85cm. It is made of solid oak timber and has a high-quality powder-coated finish to prevent scratches and rust. It has a weighted base for stability and to reduce secondary sound vibrations. The stand also includes two base feet styles (plastic pads for solid surfaces and steel spikes for carpeted surfaces) and a concealed cable management system to keep cables organised. It measures 288x288x793mm and is sold as a single unit.

3) The Universal Satelite Speaker Stand

This floor speaker stand is designed to hold satellite speakers. It is made of solid metal and has a cable management feature to keep your wires organised. The stand is suitable for Sonos Speakers Play 3 and other satellite speakers and comes in black colour. It is sold as a single stand, with a height of 102 cm and a bottom plate of 30 x 40 cm.

4) GKS-148 Bookshelf Speaker Stand

The GKS-148 is a bookshelf speaker stand that is made of solid timber and is 850mm in height. It is designed to fit both active and passive speakers. The stand has a weighted base for stability, a high-quality powder-coated finish to prevent scratches and rust, a foam pad to secure the device and prevent scratches, and two base feet styles (plastic pads and steel spikes) to ensure stability on different surfaces. It also has a concealed cable management system. The dimension of the stand is 338x338x850mm. 

5) Premium Bookshelf Speaker Stand

The new premium Bookshelf Speaker Stand is a floor speaker stand made of powder-coated metal with spike shoes. Each purchase comes as a pair, and the product has a packaging size of 68 x 29 x 8.5 cm and a weight of 10 kg.

Why Buy a Floor Speaker Stand?

Floor speaker stands are designed to enhance the overall audio experience by providing a stable base for your speakers. There are several advantages to using floor speaker stands, including:

1) Improved Sound Quality

Floor speaker stands raise your speakers to the correct height, ensuring that sound is directed towards the listener, leading to a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

2) Better Stereo Imaging

Placing your speakers on the floor can cause sound waves to bounce off the floor and interfere with the stereo image. Floor speaker stands eliminate this problem by keeping the speakers at the optimal height.

3) Increased Stability

Floor speaker stands are designed to be sturdy and secure, preventing your speakers from tipping over. This not only protects your speakers, but also reduces the risk of damage to your floor.

4) Aesthetic Appeal

Floor speaker stands add a touch of elegance to your home theatre setup, and are available in a range of styles and finishes to match the look of your room.

5) Increased versatility

Floor speaker stands are adjustable, allowing you to position your speakers at the perfect height and angle. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy the best sound quality regardless of the size and layout of your room.

FAQ: Floor Speaker Stand

Do floor speakers need stands?

Yes, floor speakers need stands if they are not designed to be placed directly on a flat surface, as stands provide a stable and elevated platform that helps to enhance the sound quality and performance of the speakers.

Do speakers sound better on stands?

It depends on the specific setup, room acoustics and personal preference, but generally speaking, speakers can sound better on stands as they can be angled towards the listener and positioned at the optimal listening height. This helps to reduce reflections and improve the soundstage and imaging of the speakers.

Do heavy speaker stands make a difference?

Heavy speaker stands can make a difference as they provide a more stable platform for the speakers, reducing the risk of vibrations and other secondary sounds that can interfere with the performance of the speakers.

Should speaker stands be filled with sand?

Yes, speaker stands can be filled with sand or other heavy material to increase their weight and stability, further reducing vibrations and secondary sounds that can impact the performance of the speakers.

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We are committed to delivering excellent customer service and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. 

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