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Price Protection Guarantee

90 days price protection guaranteed. If you see similar items on advertisements that are lower than the price you purchased, we will match the price and refund you the balance plus 20% refund on your original purchase.

Products Warranty

All items in our website are new and packed securely. All items carry full manufacturing warranties for 2 years against faulty workmanship. Gecko Products has a 14-day exchange policy on defective items. The warranty period begins upon purchase of an item except in the case of a special order or back order. In those cases, the warranty period begins upon delivery of the item. If an item comes to you damaged or defective, or in the unlikely event the items are damaged within the warranty period for whatever reasons, please contact us on 02 97242237 or email us at Our excellent service team is here to help.

Quality Assurance

Peace of mind on your purchase. All items found on this website are manufactured with a combination of high quality workmanship and material that deliver a fantastic and affordable product.

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Here at Gecko products we want make your online shopping with us is as easy as possible. There is a short and simple process at our site for quick and easy registration.
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