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Gecko Shielded Digital Coaxial Cable 1.5m OG-2011


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Digital coaxial cable is an audio cable used for a number of applications. The most common being from a DVD or Blu-ray into an amplifier to give a true Dolby Digital surround sound experience. Having good shielding on these cables is very important.

Our OG range of cables will give you remarkable sound at an affordable price because our high grade 6mm thick copper cabling that allows a lot of information to be sent, and 6mm shielding will keep out all the interference that will deteriorate the quality of sound sent through the cable.

Connection: RCA Coaxial (Male) to RCA Coaxial (Male)
Length: 1.5m
Cable: 6mm thick copper cabling
Shielding: 6mm quad shielding – conductor shield, dielectric, foil shield, braided shield


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