Gecko Surge Protector 8 Outlets GPS-8

Gecko Surge Protector 8 Outlets GPS-8

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Extension Power Outlet Device - Stop Surges, Spikes and Lighting.

Protect your investment in high performance equipment from potentially damaging mains. Quality Engineered Surge Protection. Protects your precious electronic/computer equipment from increasing power line problem caused by man and nature. Constantly monitors and dissipates surges of up to 1225 joules of energy/peak current of 42,000 amp, including a thermal internal sacrificial fuse in case of a catastrophic spike.

Features: 8 Outlets Australian AC Adapters, 10 Amp Resettable Circuit Breaker, Thermal Sacrificial Fuse, Protects up to 1225 Joules Energy, 42,000 Amps Peak Current, Fire resistant PC/ABS case, Power Indicator.
Length: 1.8 meter power cable included.
Plug & Play: No setup required - just plug in your precious equipment into the EPOD.

Australian Standards Compliant Unit.

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