Gecko Shielded Power Cable 2m OG-2010

Gecko Shielded Power Cable 2m OG-2010

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The 2M OG-2010 Audiophile audio visual home theater power cable is there to give users the opportunity to provide cleaner power to there system by using thicker and better insulated cabling to restrict the amount of ac line noise you may notice on your screens, this produces a snow like effect. Quad shielding and high quality 8mm thick cabling as well as a nylon jacket, allows this cable to stand high above factory supplied cables.

Audio reproduction is a fuller, more natural sound and tighter bass with less distortion and video resolution is sharper, clearer, better 3-dimensional presence and stereo definition.

Why use shielded power leads?
RFI and EMI radiated noise is the most common cause of poor system performance. Only proper power cabling, with every appliance lead shielded, will allow modern electronic products to perform to their designed specification. These Power Protection Cables are specifically designed to achieve this.

Today's Home Theater and Hi-Fi systems demand purity and integrity of the mains electricity that powers them. Theater equipment often uses switch mode power supplies with 2 pin leads or plugpacks, with no earth connection. Unearthed switch mode power supplies are notoriously noisy and reflect interference back down their own supply leads. Interference from unshielded power leads radiates to adjacent supply leads and nearby signal cables.

Connection: Australian Power Plug (Male) to C-16 (Male)
Length: 2m
Cable: 8mm thick copper cabling
Shielding: 6mm quad shielding - conductor shield, dielectric, foil shield, braided shield

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